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Veteran’s Parkway and the Strand Run

when i run, i run loops.  i’ve never been a big fan of the up and back route as I like to change up my scenery.  some may think I am crazy to loop in this instance because of the beach front views along the strand that are indisputably better; but balance is a key in life, and when i run, i run loops.

the strand is a boardwalk that runs from redondo beach all the way up to manhattan beach and beyond.  the water is so close you can feel it.  it is a beautiful gift to locals and visitors alike.  but as beautiful as it is, the strand gets obnoxiously busy in peak hours, and even more so in peak season’s peak hours.  so in true vanessa style, i get a head start on everyone in thefirst2hours of my days, and i run in peace.

south bay, california, hermosa beach, manhattan beach, fitness, run, the strand, running trail, veteran's parkway

my typical strand run loop is 6.36 miles. but the beauty of this loop, is that runners can start and stop their run in various areas depending on the mileage they aim to conquer.

parallel to the beach, and about 4 blocks off the strand, is veteran’s parkway.  i love when man’s abandoned developments are given new life and purpose, which is exactly what happened with this awesome restoration project.  many moons ago, this parkway was the santa fe railroad.  it was built in 1888!  eventually the rail stopped running and a century later, they transformed this area into a greenbelt and a running trail. genius!

run, running trail, south bay, california, hermosa beach, manhattan beach

the park is full of trees, a bark trail spanning its length, and happy puppies. It is the biggest stretch of green in the area and makes a lovely change in scenery.  so I opt to start my run park side, and finish my run strand side …. or if i am really feeling wild, i might even reverse the order.

there aren’t many runs in this area that don’t entail busy streets and traffic, so i am thankful that there is one really good one.  and hopefully others looking for running routes in the south bay will appreciate the route as well!

to see a list of all of my runs that keep me sane in my travels, see this separate page:  running in thefirst2hours

does it bother anyone else to go up and back on the same route?
would you prefer the green run or the ocean front run more?

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