palos verdes, portugese canyone, portugese bend reserve, south bay, california

Sunshine and a Palos Verdes Hike

this week i have returned to my former zip code – the south bay of california.  there is no shortage of beach activity in this area, but in an attempt to find some balance to my life, i sought out a change in altitude and my glowing friend tracy.  palos verdes, portugese canyone, south bay, california, hiking

something about palos verdes feels to good to be true. surely it was plucked right out of someone’s dream. not my own I must say, as my dreams are scattered with mountains; but definitely someone’s.  it hugs the coast line and it is covered with various shades of greens and blues.

there aren’t many hiking options in the “pv” (as locals call it), but we managed to find one in the portugese bend reserve that was a quick 20 minute drive and a easy 5.02 miles on foot.  the map below outlines our route for the day, and a list of all of my mapped out hikes and runs can be found here:  running in thefirst2hours
palos verdes, california, thefirst2hours, hiking, portugese canyon, portugese bend reserve , south bay

directions regarding how to get to this hike, where to find the trail head, and what trails to follow upon arrival, are scarce, and vague.  my recommendations for others seeking out this hike, would be to print of the trail map at this site: portugese bend reserve. the google machine says that there are maps available at the trail head, but that was not the case when we were there.  upon entering the reserve, the trails are not mapped out with much detail, so a map would absolutely be helpful.

after printing off the trail map, set the gps for del cerro park.  there are parking spots surrounding del cerro, and the trail head lies north west of the park.

this hike is not a strenuous one, but it is more than a “nature walk” as some may say. and it is the perfect hike for a day when fresh air, great conversation, exercise and catching up with a girlfriend are the priorities.  done and done.

palos verdes, portugese bend reserve, portugese canyon, south bay, california, hiking, thefirst2hours

there is a bit of meandering through pretty green fields, a supportive rocky structure bordering the steepest downward slope, and vistas in all directions. be sure to pack your sunscreen because shade is limited and sun is plentiful.  (even in february).

overall, it was an excellent start to thefirst2hours in the south bay.  more adventure and fitness to come in the days to follow.

palos verdes, california, thefirst2hours, hiking, portugese canyon, portugese bend reserve , south bay

click here to find a page full of my hiking and running recommendations:

what are your favorite fitness activities to do with friends?
do you consider yourself a beach person or a mountain person?

2 thoughts on “Sunshine and a Palos Verdes Hike

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