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Fur Babies and a Kleiner Park Run

home is where the pups live.

when you combine my travel schedule, with the schedule of my fiancé Joe, it occasionally means that i am greeted by two loving guys when i come home from a work trip, instead of three.  meet the three guys in my life:  fisher (the fur ball), gunner (the jumper), and joe (the hunky mountain man).

thefirst2hours, dogs, puppy love, vanessa latimer, labradoodle, vizsla

when i got home from seattle, joe and i missed one another by about 24 hours, but we will make up for it in upcoming weeks with trips we have planned to los angeles, new york city, and washington d.c.  yeehaw!  many great travel posts to follow!

my two fur babies give me so much love always, but especially after i have spent a few days on the road.  to celebrate mom being home, we visited kleiner park for a play day and a run.  (we actually prefer to call it romero park because we spend so much time there. but out of respect for mr. julius kleiner himself, we will use the official name here.)

fisher’s days of going on runs with mom are no longer, as he also recently had a knee surgery.  but it doesn’t stop him from dominating the tennis ball scene.  he’ll take on any dog in a game of fetch, and play until he’s foaming at the mouth, and the cows come home…. so, we fetched until he was foaming at the mouth, and the cows came home. and then gunner and i headed out on a run.

this 3.58 mile loop (the village at meridian run) is shown here:

run, idaho, boise, meridian, the village, fitness, thefirst2hours

and a summary of all of my runs will be posted at the following link and updated on an ongoing basis: running in thefirst2hours 

in my daily life in idaho, this is my most common go to run.  it starts and ends in this beautiful 70 acre park. it weaves through nearby quiet neighborhoods, and i can easily extended the run with extra loops in kleiner.

all winter the park has been looking a lot like this:

dogs, labradoodle, vizsla, thefirst2hours

pretty adorable if i do say so myself.

when the snow melted off, it was covered with a mysterious fog instead:

thefirsttwohours, running, run, kleiner park, puppiesi LOVED every change we had.

after my recent move to idaho from southern california, i relish seasons.  with that being said, i can’t explain how thrilled i am for spring.  mother nature really delivered this week, and the park looked a bit more like this all weekend long:

thefirsttwohours, kleiner park, meridian, idaho, running, run, springfisher was clearly very excited as well.

very soon joe will be getting home and i will get to soak up some time with all three of my favorite guys.  friday we are los angeles bound, so expect some beautiful sunset beach photos in the near future.

click here to find a page full of my running and hiking recommendations: run, idaho, boise, meridian, the village, fitness, thefirst2hours

do you run with your dog?
have you ever tried a hands free running leash that wraps around your waist?
do you prefer seasons? or a warm climate year round?

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