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Carkeek Park Run and Birdsong

before being plagued with bad knees i was a much more serious runner. thankfully, i managed to knock the “run a full marathon” goal off of my bucket list earlier in life, because now it would be an impossibility.  i still run often, but these days it is much less about the split times, and much more about the therapy.

this week, work has taken me to the land of the seahawks.  while scouting out my week of seattle activity, google maps was kind enough to tell me that my seattle dwellings are a mere 15 minute drive from carkeek park.  views overlooking the pacific are plentiful here, but they never get old; so i headed out this morning with enthusiasm for the day, my therapy, and the vistas i knew were coming.

minutes after parking my car, i was in a jungle that looked a little something like this:

carkeek park, seattle washington, thefirst2hours, vanessa latimer, upandatem

but even more exciting, is that it sounded a little something like this:

i will play that 14 second video over and over again all day and bring myself back to that happy place.  birdsong makes everything better in the thefirst2hours!

i love the lushness of washington state; and although these trails aren’t extensive in length, they are extensive in green.

thefirst2hours, fitness traveler, carkeek park, seattle

when i first got into running, a friend directed me to a fantastic website –  whether you are a runner, a cyclist, a hiker, a speed walker, or if you prefer to do cartwheels for exercise down the road, you will appreciate the perk mapometer adds to your life. i’m generally unfamiliar with many of my travel destinations, but with a few quick clicks on mapometer i can perfectly trace out thefirst2hours of my day.

my carkeek park trail run was a mere 2 miles per lap, but i was so distracted with my surroundings that i couldn’t have cared less about my distance (or lack thereof) that I had run.

a map of this run can be seen here:

seattle, carkeek park, fitness, run, nature, trails, thefirst2hours

and to see a list of all of my runs and their mapometer links, visit this page: thefirst2hours runs

at the end of the trail run, i took the foot bridge out onto the pebbly beach,

Carkeek park, seattle washington, vanessa latimer, upandatem, thefirst2hours

and admired the pebble art.  mother nature is the best artist i know.

carkeek park, pebble beach, thefirst2hours, fitness traveler

alas it was time to leave.  work was calling.  but i had a breath of fresh air and a birdsong video to ensure it would be a lovely day.


click here to find a page full of my running and hiking recommendations: seattle, carkeek park, fitness, run, nature, trails, thefirst2hours

do you listen to music or nature while you run?
what are other knee friendly exercises that you love?

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